Monday, August 3, 2009

The Great Blue Heron on Port Hueneme Beach

There's nothing to say about this, other than I couldn't believe my eyes, seeing this magnificent creature walking among the seagulls.

It was very personal for me. Thus, for this blog, I'm here just to share some of the photos, so others can appreciate the beauty of this bird, too.

Below is the closest photo I dared take. My zoom really helped.
I didn't want to cause him any stress... ruffle his feathers. His demeanor seemed pretty laid back:

I have lived in Port Hueneme for a year, and I've never seen this Great Blue Heron on the beach, ever. This was a rare landing, I know. I took a walk down the beach to check on another bird I'd been keeping an eye on, and when I came back, the Blue Heron had moved away from shore, about halfway between the beach and East Surfside Drive. Can you believe this next image??

Wow, such incredible wing-wrapping. It was hard to figure out what he was doing. The next photo shows the Surfside I condos in the background... such a strange dichotomy of images here:

By the way, the date of this encounter was June 25, 2009. The next photo is from behind. I love the way he has cloaked himself, or is it herself?

And here he/she is with his/her head down. Unbelievable!

And my last shot of the beautiful Great Blue Heron:

I turned to leave, and when I turned back, he was up in the air. And I realized he was the bird I kept seeing fly over our condos from time to time. Like this day, he always seemed to be heading toward the Naval Base. I hope you enjoyed these photos.