Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The grebe that got away...

It was a good thing, too. (By the way, this is a Western Grebe. )

On the last day of November, my husband and I first spotted this young grebe swimming between the pilings under Port Hueneme Pier. He seemed to be having a good time, but still, we were concerned, as he was coming in close to shore.

My husband ran back to the condo to retrieve a box and a donut cushion made from paper. The little grebe meandered a good distance north of the pier by the time my husband returned. The grebe kept sticking his neck under the water bobbing for fish.

And the young grebe finally did come to shore.

But he realized all to quickly this was not for him, and he had way too much energy to put up with me trying to rescue him.

He spent about thirty seconds on the beach before hightailing it back out to open sea. I was relieved to know he was okay.

His wings spread and helped lift him to freedom.

Swimming back out to sea.

I did, however, shoot a couple of photos during his brief visit to Port Hueneme beach. I am quite proud of the one below showing this grebe with a seagull. You can see the difference in the anatomy of these birds.

Good luck, little fella.

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